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Arigon: A Closer Look at the Skill Prestige Perks[edit | edit source]

In Arigon, one of the unique features players can take advantage of is the Skill Prestige system. This system allows players to earn prestige points by elevating their skills to a higher rank or "prestige". This process, while resetting the player's skill level back to its initial state, rewards them with prestige points that can be exchanged for exclusive rewards and perks, enhancing the overall gameplay experience and offering further progression beyond the standard level caps.

Prestiging a skill is a straightforward process. First, players must journey to Arigon's home and navigate to the shop district. Here, they'll find an NPC known as the Prestige Master. By interacting with the Prestige Master, players can select the skill they wish to prestige. It's important to note that all items should be unequipped before beginning the process.

Every prestige will reduce your experience gain by 5% in the skill up to a maximum of 50% on 10th Prestige.

Prestige Rewards[edit | edit source]

Every time you prestige, you'll receive some prestige points and some cash for prestiging. The rewards for each prestige get greater with each prestige, so you'll be rewarded for sticking with the same skills and prestiging them multiple times more than just doing the first prestige in each individual skill. The rewards for each prestige level are as follows:

  1. 80 Prestige points & 1M cash
  2. 160 Prestige points & 2M cash
  3. 240 Prestige points & 3M cash
  4. 320 Prestige points & 4M cash
  5. 400 Prestige points & 5M cash
  6. 480 Prestige points & 6M cash
  7. 560 Prestige points & 7M cash
  8. 640 Prestige points & 8M cash
  9. 720 Prestige points & 9M cash
  10. 800 Prestige points & 10M cash

So for reaching 10th Prestige in a skill, you can expect to receive 4560 Prestige points & 55m cash.

Perks[edit | edit source]

Let's take a closer look at these perks:

  1. Professional Deconstructor (6,500 points): 15% chance to save the item when deconstructing
  2. Dustman (5,000 points): Maximum salvage dust amount is increased by 15%
  3. Shrouded Skiller (2500 points): No longer receive random events
  4. Magnificent Mugger (2,000 points): Never fail when thieving NPCs
  5. Master Smither (2000 points): Reduce all smithing actions by 1 tick & 15% chance to not consume materials
  6. The Collector (2,000 points): 20% Increase to obtain a skilling pet
  7. Sleep Stealer (1,250 points): Stealing from stalls & NPCs will be a continuous action
  8. Primal Skiller (1,500 points): Unlocks the ability to use primal tools
  9. Master Harvester (1,500 points): 25% Increase of yield for all farming crops
  10. Skilled Scroller (1,500 points): 20% More chance to get a skilling scroll and 15% less materials required
  11. Sonic (1,500 points): Double XP when completing an agility course
  12. Starlight Miner (2,000 points): Doubling the experience and stardust gained from the shooting star
  13. Bone Density (1,250 points): Gain additional bones when killing npcs
  14. Bone Preservation (1,500 points): 33% Chance of saving a bone while sacrificing on altar
  15. Rune Scribe (1,000 points): Gain 66% more runes when runecrafting
  16. High Alchemist (750 points): Double gold when alching
  17. Plenty O Fish (750 points): 33% Chance of catching an additional fish
  18. Summoners Intellect (750 points): 33% Chance to craft additional familiars
  19. Petty Prospector (750 points): 33% Chance to mine an additional ore
  20. Lumberjack (750 points): 33% Chance to chop an additional log
  21. Pestled Up (750 points): Pestle and mortar will ground up to 27 items at once
  22. Arigon Fanatic (750 points): Clue and skill scroll completions will yield 1 Arigon point
  23. Nimble Fingers (750 points): 33% chance of stealing from a stall twice
  24. Imp Whisperer (650 points): 25% Increased chance to catch imps
  25. Nest Head (650 points): Increase birds nest drops by 10% and automatically deposit them to bank (if possible)
  26. Blind Eye (650 points): Arigon merchant guard will fully ignore you
  27. Master of Balls (600 points): Double your production with this perk, creating 8 cannon balls instead of the usual 4
  28. Furnace Keeper (600 points): 33% Chance of smelting an additional bar
  29. Agile Grace (600 points): Receive 3 bonus Marks of grace
  30. Herbed up (600 points): All crop harvests will be noted if possible
  31. Sandstoned (600 points): Ability to mine red sandstone
  32. Clue Hunter (600 points): Ability to earn clues while skilling
  33. Lucky Skiller (500 points): Increased chance to receive keys while skilling
  34. Potion Alchemist (500 points): Creating potions turns them to (4) doses.
  35. Cheap Skiller (500 points): Reduces entry fee for all AFK activities by 20%
  36. Pyromaniac (500 points): 33% Chance of saving a log when firemaking
  37. Master Baiter (500 points): Fishing no longer requires bait
  38. Lucky Charms (500 points): Gain 2 additional summoning charms
  39. Bonfired (500 points): Unlocks ability to use bonfires
  40. Plumera Hunter (500 points): Unlock the ability to hunt Plumeras
  41. Master Chef (420 points): Food will never be burned
  42. Uncut Miner (300 points): Ability to get uncut dragonstones from gem rocks
  43. Swift Brewer (300 points): Potions are made 1 tick faster
  44. Arrow Artisan (300 points): Fletching is 1 tick faster
  45. Swift Jeweler (300 points): Gem cutting is 1 tick faster
  46. Enchanted (200 points): Enchanting is 1 tick faster
  47. Fury Fisher (100 points): Unlocks ability to catch fury fish
  48. Not a Runner (65 Points): Soul abyss teleport will send you directly to altar
Shop Rewards[edit | edit source]

Rewards for prestige points are displayed in the shop, offering players a visual guide to the benefits they can gain from participating in the prestige system. These rewards add an extra layer of depth to the game, giving dedicated players something to strive for and rewarding their hard work with powerful and useful benefits.

Whether you're a master of one skill or a jack of all trades, the Skill Prestige system in Arigon offers an exciting way to push your abilities even further, providing you with a wealth of rewards and enhancements that can greatly enrich your gaming experience.