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Salvaging is a unique skill in Arigon that empowers you to enhance and craft incredibly potent items. These items play a pivotal role in augmenting your strength, transforming you into an unstoppable warrior.

The constructor interface
The upgrader interface

The Salvager[edit | edit source]

The Salvaging Deconstructor is a powerful tool that allows you to break down items worth at least 250,000 GP into valuable dust. When you deconstruct an item, you will receive dust based on the items' value, as well as experience proportional to the item's value.

Dust Rate: Item Value * 0.000165 Experience: Item Value * 0.15 * Level / 99

The Constructor[edit | edit source]

The salvaging Constructor is your go-to place for using salvaging dust in combination with other materials to craft exceptional items. Most of the items available through the constructor are amongst the best in their respective classes, and some of these upgrades even come with unique and powerful special effects and attacks.

The Upgrader[edit | edit source]

The upgrader is where you can transform exisitng items into more potent variants, many of which come with unique special effects. Unlike the Constructor, the upgrader doesn't require dust; instead it requires upgrade tokens. These tokens can be acquired throughout the world but are in limited supply. Upgrading items demands a specific salvaging level and also rewards you with experience, similar to the descontruction rates. Be careful though, as failing in the upgrade process can result in the loss of all materials. Fortunatley, there are a few ugprade scrolls available that can increase your chances or save materials in the event of an upgrade failure.

Various Methods to 99[edit | edit source]

Salvaging is a vast skill that includes a majority of higher priced items in Arigon (>100k GP in value). Because of this, the method to 99 is not straightforward. However, here are some methods that are found to be tried and true by various Arigon players.

Daily Chicken Shrine[edit | edit source]

  • Sacrifice chicken eggs to the Chicken Shrine located at ;;wcz. Each egg will give you Salvage experience.
  • There is a daily cap of 25 eggs that can be sacrificed.
  • You can either kill the chickens near the shrine or buy the eggs from the Culinaromancer's Chest.

Barrows Method[edit | edit source]

  • Equip the 'Fortunate Brother' pet perk on one of your pets and do a bunch of Barrows runs. With this perk, you will receive 3 Barrows item everytime you loot the chest
  • Salvaging experience for Barrows items range from 50k-80k. Save these pieces for DXP weekend, use a vote book boost, and you can get 99 Salvage with as little as 40-50 Barrows pieces.