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Introducing The Mining Skill[edit | edit source]

Mining is a gathering skill that allows players to extract ores, essence, gems, and other resources from rocks throughout Arigon. The primary mining area is located north at ::Skillzone (;;sz works too). Extracted ores can be later used in the Smithing skill for smelting bars and crafting metal weapons and armour.

Pickaxes[edit | edit source]

Skillermen, an NPC that sells pickaxes up to Rune at Skillzone
A free way to get the Dragon Pickaxe is by completing the "Mine 100 red sandstone" Skill Task

Iron Pickaxe

Level 1 Mining to mine with, level 1 Attack to wield

Mithril Pickaxe

Level 21 Mining to mine with, level 20 Attack to wield

Adamant Pickaxe

Level 31 Mining to mine with, level 30 Attack to wield

Rune Pickaxe

Level 41 Mining to mine with, level 40 Attack to wield     

Dragon Pickaxe

Level 61 Mining to mine with, level 60 Attack to wield   

Crystal Pickaxe

Level 81 Mining to mine with, level 70 Attack to wield

Primal Pickaxe

Level 90 Mining to mine with, level 91 Attack to wield

[edit | edit source]

Ore XP Level
Rune Essence 626 1
Clay 125 1
Copper / Tin 438 1
Iron 833 15
Silver 1002 20
Coal 1252 30
Gold 1628 40
Gem rock 2138 40
Mithril 2004 55
Adamite 2379 70
Red Sandstone 3400 81
Runite 3132 85
Primal 7375 95

Mining Sites
[edit | edit source]

Mining site at ::Skillzone , talk to the snowman to set what you want to mine from the rock. He offers 13 options.
Mining site at ::dzone

Extra features
[edit | edit source]

Skill of The Hour

Changing every hour, the Skill of The Hour grants an experience boost of 25% ecumenically in a designated skill.

Pool of Prosperity

The Pool of Prosperity is an object in the game located at home. When filled, it grants an experience boost of 10% to all players for its duration.

Shooting Star

The Shooting Star countdown timer to landing is located in the Server Events Quest Journal tab

Every hour a shooting star will appear which players can mine. This will disappear quickly, so if you're interested in mining it make sure you get there as soon as you see the notification. If you manage to mine the star in time, you can trade the stardust in once the star has been mined for some good cash or for gem bags.

Burnt bars

Mining also offers a great money making method which is making Burnt bars. To get the ore to make the bars you have to complete the quest "Corpse Cleaner" once u complete the quest you can start mining Primal ore at the walls of the mage bank. Once u have the ore u can smelt them into Primal bars at the furnace in the wilderness located south west of Mage Bank, and sell them to the snowman at the mining area at ;;sz.