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Mining is a gathering skill that allows players to extract ores, essence, gems, and other resources from rocks throughout Arigon. These ores can be used in artisan skills later, to create numerous armours, jewelry, and runes.

Pickaxes[edit | edit source]

Pickaxes are your main tool to train mining. The higher the level of the pickaxe, the faster you will mine ores. Bronze through Dragon pickaxes can be bought at the Skilling Store, where Gilded dragon through Primal pickaxes are made in the Salvaging Upgrader.

Basic Pickaxes
Primary Level Secondary Level Pickaxe Cost
1 Mining 1 Attack (Wield) 61 x Gold coins
1 Mining 1 Attack (Wield) 432 x Gold coins
6 Mining 5 Attack (Wield) 987 x Gold coins
21 Mining 20 Attack (Wield) 662 x Gold coins
31 Mining 30 Attack (Wield) 5910 x Gold coins
41 Mining 40 Attack (Wield) 24K x Gold coins
61 Mining 60 Attack (Wield) 412K x Skilling tickets

Upgraded Pickaxes
Primary Level Secondary Level Pickaxe Cost
61 Mining 60 Attack (Wield)

1 x Dragon pickaxe
5 x Upgrade tokens
20M x Gold coins
? Mining ? Attack (Wield)

1 x Gilded dragon pickaxe
6 x Upgrade tokens
10M x Gold coins
22,500 Skilling tickets
? Mining ? Attack (Wield)

1 x Ember dragon pickaxe
8 x Upgrade tokens
10M x Gold coins
30K Skilling tickets
81 Mining ? Attack (Wield)

1 x Dragon pickaxe
6 x Upgrade tokens
15M x Gold coins
15K Skilling tickets
91 Mining ? Attack (Wield)

1 x Crystal pickaxe
8 x Upgrade tokens
10M x Gold coins
30K Skilling tickets
Other Pickaxes
Primary Level Secondary Level Pickaxe Cost
? Mining ? Chop 500 x Burnt Logs

Ores[edit | edit source]

Extracted ores can be used in many skills. These skills being Smithing to make bars for creating weapons and armour, Crafting to make cut gems and jewelry, and Runecrafting to make runes.

Level Ore

Mining Sites[edit | edit source]

Infinity rocks at ::SZ
Ore selection screen
Ore rocks at ::DZ

Mining site at ::SZ

This site provides 13 ore options, ranging from clay to Primal. Talk to the Snowman miner to change what ore will be mined from the Infinity rocks. Note that the Snowman may throw snow at you, this will cancel the action and you will have to click the rock to continue mining.

Mining site at ::DZ

This site provides 6 ore options: Gem, Iron, Coal, Mithril, Adamantite, and Runite. The added advantage here is that the Snowman isn't there to interrupt your skilling.

Burnt ore

After the Corpse Cleaner quest, you can mine Burnt ore. You mine this ore along the walls of the Mage Bank arena, like in the quest.

Useful Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Skill of The Hour
    • Changing every hour, the Skill of The Hour grants an experience boost of 25% ecumenically in a designated skill.
  • Pool of Prosperity
    • The Pool of Prosperity is an object in the game located at home. When filled, it grants an experience boost of 10% to all players for its duration.
  • Skill Pass
    • A Dragon pickaxe can also be claimed 1 time by completing the Skill pass for mining 100 Red sandstone.
The Shooting Star countdown timer to landing is located in the Server Events Quest Journal tab
  • Shooting Star
    • Every hour a shooting star will appear which players can mine. This will disappear quickly, so if you're interested in mining it make sure you get there as soon as you see the notification. If you manage to mine the star in time, you can trade the stardust in once the star has been mined for some good cash or for gem bags.
  • Prestige Perks
    • There are some useful Prestige Perks you may want before training Herblore. These include the following:
Perk Cost Effect
Primal Skiller 1,500 Prestige point Unlocks the ability to use Primal Tools
Sandstoned 600 Prestige point Ability to mine Red sandstone
Starlight Miner 2,000 Prestige point Doubling the experience and stardust gained from the Shooting Star
Petty Prospector 750 Prestige point 33% Chance to mine an additional ore