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Herblore is a skill that allows players to make their own potions from herbs and various secondary ingredients. Potions created with Herblore have a variety of effects. Most potions can be drunk to give players temporary skill boosts or other status effects, such as anti-fire or anti-poison. Effects of temporary skill boosts degrade at roughly 1 level per minute until they have entirely worn off.

Although it is easy to get Herblore to level 99, it is one of the most expensive skills in the game for players who buy all or most of the needed ingredients.

Herbs[edit | edit source]

Cleaning herbs is a simple task you have to perform before you can add a herb to a vial of water to create an unfinished potion.

Grimy Herb Experience
Clean Herb Level(unf. potion) Unfinished potion
3 Grimy guam 2.5 Clean guam 3 Guam potion (unf)
5 Grimy marrentill 3.8 Clean marrentill 5 Marrentill potion (unf)
11 Grimy tarromin 5 Clean tarromin 12 Tarromin potion (unf)
20 Grimy harralander 6.3 Clean harralander 22 Harralanderpotion (unf)
25 Grimy ranarr 7.5 Clean ranarr 30 Ranarr potion (unf)
30 Grimy toadflax 8 Clean toadflax 34 Toadflax potion (unf)
40 Grimy irit 8.8 Clean irit 45 Irit potion (unf)
48 Grimy avantoe 10 Clean avantoe 50 Avantoe potion (unf)
54 Grimy kwuarm 11.3 Clean kwuarm 55 Kwuarm potion (unf)
59 Grimy snapdragon 11.8 Clean snapdragon 63 Snapdragon potion (unf)
65 Grimy cadantine 12.5 Clean cadantine 66 Cadantine potion (unf)
67 Grimy lantadyme 13.1 Clean lantadyme 69 Lantadyme potion (unf)
70 Grimy dwarf weed 13.8 Clean dwarf weed 72 Dwarf weed potion (unf)
75 Grimy torstol 15 Clean torstol 78 Torstol potion (unf)

Other potions

30 Defence potion 75 Vial of water Ranarr weed White berries
34 Agility potion 80 Vial of water Toadflax Toad's legs
36 Combat potion 84 Vial of water Harralander Goat horn dust
48 Superantipoison 106.3 Vial of water Irit leaf Unicorn horn dust
60 Weapon poison 137.5 Vial of water Kwuarm Dragon scale dust
50 Fishing potion 112.5 Vial of water Avantoe Snape grass


Level 3 to 12[edit | edit source]

Make Attack potions. Items neeeded:

  • Vial of water
  • Grimy guam (Chaos Druids at Edgeville Dungeon)
  • Eye of newt (Newtrooster)

Level 12 to 26[edit | edit source]

Make Strength potions. Items neeeded:

  • Vial of water
  • Tarromin
  • Limpwurt root (Hill Giants)

Level 26 to 38[edit | edit source]

Make Energy potions. Items neeeded:

  • Vial of water
  • Harralander
  • Chocolate Dust (The Culinaromancer's Chest)

Level 38 to 45[edit | edit source]

Make Prayer potions. Items neeeded:

  • Vial of water
  • Ranarr
  • Snape grass (Aquanites)

Level 45 to 63[edit | edit source]

Make Super attack potions. Items neeeded:

  • Vial of water
  • Irit
  • Eye of newt (Newtrooster)

Level 63 to 69[edit | edit source]

Make Super restore potions. Items neeeded:

  • Vial of water
  • Snapdragon
  • Red spiders' eggs (Spidine)

Level 69 to 85[edit | edit source]

Make Antifire potions. Items neeeded:

  • Vial of water
  • Lantadyme
  • Dragon scale dust (Blue dragons)

Level 85+ Extremes & Overloads[edit | edit source]

Make potions for Super Combats and Overloads

  • Super Combats, Extreme Potions, Prayer Renewals, and Overloads can all be made at the Potion Master found in ::shops.
    • Ground mud runes are obtained from Living rock patriarchs in Living rock cavern
    • Samaden herbs = Waterfiends & Ice strykewyrms
    • Button mushroom = Scarabs
Super Combat Potions[edit | edit source]
Level Potion Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3
45 Super Attack Irit Eye of Newt
55 Super Strength Kwuarm Limpwurt
66 Super Defence Cadantine White Berries
90 Super Combat Super Attack (4) Super Strength (4) Super Defence (4)
Overload Potions[edit | edit source]
Level Potion Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4 Ingredient 5
88 Extreme Attack Avantoe Super Attack (4)
89 Extreme Strength Dwarf Weed Super Strength (4)
90 Extreme Defence Lantadyme Super Defence (4)
91 Extreme Magic Ground Mud Runes Magic Potion (4)
92 Extreme Ranging Grenwall Spikes Ranging Potion (4)
96 Overload Extreme Attack (4) Extreme Strength (4) Extreme Defence (4) Extreme Magic (4) Extreme Ranging (4)

NPC Assistance[edit | edit source]

David the decanter will decant potions for 10,000 gp. Decanting results in potions of the same kind being consolidated into 4 or 6-dose potions as much as possible depending on if you use vials or flasks. For example, David will decant six 3-dose strength potions into four 4-dose potions and one 2-dose potions. Noted potions may also be decanted; any noted / unnoted combinations of potions in your inventory will be treated independently of each other. This is a quick way to free up vials for reuse. 4-dose potions also tend to sell better to other players.