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Hunter is a skill in which players catch different animals and creatures in Arigon. Using hunting equipment bought from hunter stores, players can hunt specific creatures obtaining rewards such as chinchompas, and the fabled Dragon and Kingly implings.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Levelling up Hunter allows players to lay more traps at once.

Hunter Level Total traps
1 1
20 2
40 3
60 4
80 5

Training Hunter[edit | edit source]

Levels 1 - 43: Bird snare trapping[edit | edit source]

All birds are located at Hunter Zone You need a Bird snare to catch them.

  • Level 1: Crimson Swifts
  • Level 5: Golden warbler
  • Level 9: Copper longtail
  • Level 11: Cerulean twitch
  • Level 19: Tropical wagtail

Levels 43 – 63: Falconry[edit | edit source]

Catching spotted kebbits (and dark kebbits at level 57) using Falconry offers the fastest experience from level 43 to 63. They are located in the Piscatoris Falconry area. To start hunting them, click on the door of the hut.

Levels 63 - 77: Red chinchompas[edit | edit source]

Hunting carnivorous chinchompas offers relatively fast Hunter experience.

Levels 77 - 99: Grenwalls[edit | edit source]

Catching Grenwalls requiring a Hunter level of 77 to catch and offer the fastest experience. You will need box traps in order to catch them.

Alternative: Puro-Puro[edit | edit source]

Players may also catch Implings at Puro-Puro as an alternative if they prefer more click-intense but rewarding experience.

  • Baby Impling (lvl 17)
  • Young Impling (lvl 22)
  • Gourmet Impling (lvl 28)
  • Earth Impling (lvl 36)
  • Essence Impling (lvl 42)
  • Eclectic Impling (lvl 50)
  • Nature Impling (lvl 59)
  • Magpie Impling (lvl 65)
  • Ninja Impling (lvl 74)
  • Dragon Impling (lvl 83)
  • Wilderness Impling (lvl 95) - Only in Wilderness!

Alternative: Butterflies[edit | edit source]

Butterflies require a butterfly jar per catch and a butterfly net. While they may not seem lucrative, there are skilling achievements for catching from 100 to 5000 butterflies, no discrimination to which butterfly is caught. There are also various skill pass tasks to catch certain butterflies.

Level Required Butterfly Location Picture
Ruby harvest
North of the skill zone castle
Sapphire glacis
North of the skill zone castle
35 Snowy knight Near the skill zone furnace
45 Black warlock East of the skill zone furnace