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Catching Shrimps at the Skilling Zone docks

Fishing is one of the most common activities as it provides some of the best food in the game. It allows players to catch fish from fishing spots, and has a companion skill called Cooking. To fish, players must use certain types of equipment depending on what fish they want to catch. The most popular spot to train is at the Skilling Zone as it provides double experience.

Training Fishing[edit | edit source]

Level 1-35: Raw shrimp/anchovies[edit | edit source]

Players start at level 1 by catching taw shrimps with a small fishing net. Once one has reached level 15, they will automatically start catching raw anchovies at the same fishing spot. Continue catching raw shrimps and raw anchovies to level 35 Fishing.

Level 35-40: Raw tuna[edit | edit source]

From level 35 to 40, raw tunas are the way to go. They are slow, but only five levels are needed to 40. A harpoon is needed to catch raw tunas.

Level 40-62: Raw lobster[edit | edit source]

Lobsters are unlocked at level 40. They are one of the best ways to balance experience at this level. A lobster pot is necessary to catch raw lobsters.

Level 62-76/99: Raw monkfish[edit | edit source]

At 62, one will want to catch raw monkfishes. A small fishing net is required to catch them.

Level 76-95: Raw shark[edit | edit source]

From 76 to 90 you will catch raw sharks. They heal a good amount of health when cooked, so it is recommended to bank them unless you play with Spawn mode. Like raw tunas, these also require a harpoon.

Level 95-99: Raw rocktail[edit | edit source]

Raw rocktails are the 2nd food on Arigon and give the most fishing experience when caught. These require a fishing rod and living minerals to be caught, and will be what you catch all the way to 99 and beyond.

Level 99+: Fury Sharks[edit | edit source]

Raw fury sharks are the best food on Arigon. The only downside is that they require 99 Fishing to catch and are only fished in the Wilderness resource area with a harpoon. However, if you plan on getting e.g. 200mil fishing and want to make a lot of profit on the way there, these are the best to catch!

The Wilderness Resource area requires an entrance fee of 10K GP and 2.5K GP to note items on Giles.