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A player killing a chicken for their daily egg sacrifice.

Before starting any content on Arigon, I would recommend voting with ;;vote, visiting the daily board at home to claim your daily roll and vote reward, and then I would head to ;;wcz. Here you want to kill chickens until you have 25 eggs, then use them on the Chicken Shrine there to gain some great starter levels in all skills. Each egg gives you xp in your lowest level non-combat skill, while bird's eggs from nests will give prayer xp. This will get you to a nice starting point for your account. You can do this with up to 25 eggs every day!

PvM[edit | edit source]

Slayer[edit | edit source]

Slayer is a great way to earn cash on Arigon and can be done from the moment you make your account. Most of your income from slayer will come in the form of raw cash drops which makes life easier as you don't have the hassle of selling your drops. Many mid-high level slayer mobs have a 100k-5m cash drop on their drop table at a rare rate - which can net you a lot of money every task with a bit of luck!

You can also farm these mobs off task (with a few exceptions like Dark Beasts) to get a lot of money too if you don't fancy doing Slayer and just want to make as much money as possible. The best possible regular monsters to farm for money are Elite Black Knights & Dagon'hai Monks (Located in the Dagon'hai Base Dungeon teleport), Aquanites (Located at the end of the Freminik Slayer Dungeon teleport), and best moneymaker early game - Spiritual Creatures.

Spiritual Creatures[edit | edit source]

A player killing a Spiritual Creatures in the K'ril Ttutsaroth encampment.

For 80k PK tickets or purchasing from other players you can get an Unholy blessing. This will be useful for training as it will allow Bandits to aggro you permanently. It also lets you farm one of the best early/mid game cash farms in the game - Spiritual Creatures.

These regularly drop 100k-5m coins as they are a slayer monster. The mages have a 1/42 chance to drop Dragon Boots with an examine value of ~5m, they only have 750-1000 hitpoints and to top it all off they have 0 defensive stats - making them perfect to farm from very early on in your account's life.

All you need is 43 Prayer and an Unholy Blessing, then make your way to the K'ril Tsutsaroth section of the God Wars Dungeon (Located in Bosses teleport > Godwars > Option number 3). The Spiritual Rangers also drop the Magic Shortbow, a nice drop for ironmen to get early on. This can be done in the other God Wars sections too with the relevant blessings (Holy Blessing for Saradomin, Honourable Blessing for Armadyl, and War Blessing for Bandos)

Barrows[edit | edit source]

A player killing Guthan the Infested.

Barrows with the Fortunate Brother pet perk can be a great source of starter income - this perk guarantees you will get a barrows item every run, so you can quickly rack up a big amount of items with very low requirements and input costs (43 Prayer, a weapon and a spade is all you need!)

Bossing[edit | edit source]

Bossing can be a great source of income on Arigon as you head into the mid-late game. Boss drops can sell and salvage for a lot of money/dust, and they often have decent passive cash drops that help to mitigate your losses if you're unlucky. You can combine this with Slayer once you've unlocked the Boss Slayer perk, letting you use the Slayer Helm for more damage on task and free slayer points while you're making money.

There are a variety of boss guides here on the wiki, so make sure to check them out before setting off if you're unsure on anything!

Skilling[edit | edit source]

Prestiging[edit | edit source]

Prestiging skills is a great way to earn a lot of raw cash if you're on a higher exp rate game mode. Each prestige gives you 1m cash per prestige you're on - so getting a skill from 0 to 10th prestige will give you 55m raw cash.

The Skill Prestige interface.

The fastest skills to max are combats (Magic in particular), Runecrafting with the prestige perk, Agility with the prestige perk, Prayer & Summoning. I would recommend buying prestige perks in the relevant skills before going for prestiges in them, as perks that give a chance to provide more resources or created items also give more xp when they proc, leading to quicker prestiges & more cash!

I would recommend prioritising Rune Scribe, Sonic, Starlight Miner and Sleep Stealer as some of your early game perks if you're focusing on prestiging quickly, as all of these help speed up your grind.

Skill Task Scrolls[edit | edit source]

Skill Task Scrolls can be a fantastic way to earn money while skilling, so any time you get one I'd recommend doing it if you can. If you don't like the look of a skill scroll or don't have the requirements, feel free to discard it so you can get another one. The best drop from these is the Primal Crystal, used to make Primal armour, which has boots with the highest strength bonus in the game, meaning the crystal can be sold to players for a fair amount of cash.

You can also buy the prestige perk 'Skilled Scroller' which nets you more scrolls and makes them easier to complete.

Clue Scrolls[edit | edit source]

A player peforming a clue scroll emote.

Clue Scrolls can drop Third Age pieces which salvage for a large amount of dust, letting you make a lot of upgrade tokens from one lucky drop - these can be sold for profit or used in future upgrades saving you money from not having to buy them. They have a lot of alchables and achievements associated with them too, making them a great way to earn some extra money from PvM/Skilling. Slayer mobs are particularly good for gathering a lot of clue scrolls using the Clue Storage Box (Purchased from the Arigon Points shop at ;;shops) as you can kill a lot of them due to generally low HP when compared with bosses. You can also get the 'Clue Hunter' prestige perk to randomly earn clue scrolls while skilling.

If you're looking to do a lot of Clue Scrolls during you time on Arigon, it is almost a necessity to get the 'Sherlock' pet perk - this provides a chance to immediately complete clue scrolls on each step, greatly reducing the amount of time you spend doing clues over time.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Pet Perks[edit | edit source]

Location of the Achievement Codex at home.

Pet Perks are a major part of your progression here in Arigon, and they can really help speed up both combat and skilling and make your life a lot easier - leading to more profit! Below I'll briefly go over some of the best perks in the game - you should focus on some of these when spending your achievement points. The main two you want to pick up first are Slayer Accelerant and -1 tick speed in your chosen combat style - after that it's entirely up to you! You can view Pet Perks by visiting the Achievement Codex located outside home bank.

  • Slayer Accelerant - Provides bonus Slayer Points upon task completion.
  • Overloaded - Increases the duration of Overloads up to a maximum of 15 minutes at max level.
  • Fortunate Brother - Guarantees 1-3 Barrows items per Barrows run.
  • Rapid Fire/Fast Hands/Spellcaster - These increase your tick speed by 1 in the chosen combat style.
  • Range/Melee/Magic Striker - These provide up to 30% chance to deal double damage in the chosen combat style at max level.
  • Sharpshooter/Fighters Fury/Arcanists Vision - These provide up to 25% Accuracy & Damage in the chosen combat style at max level.
  • Divine Luck - This provides up to 10% Luck at max rank.
  • Loot Hunter - This provides up to 10% Monster Drop rate.

Skilling/Miscellaneous Perks[edit | edit source]

  • Skilling Accelerant - This provides up to 35% additional skilling sxperience.
  • Sherlock - This provides up to a 30% chance at max rank to complete clue scrolls upon completing each step.

Bandit Camp[edit | edit source]

Please note this is in the wilderness so you will be attackable by other players, so do not bring any items you do not wish to risk.

A player visiting the bandit camp to sell items.

You can sell any item under 10m examine value for more cash/PKP/Skilling tickets than Walton at home at the Bandit Camp, located in the wilderness north of Dark Warrior's Fortress (Map image). This can be a good way to quickly gain a large amount of skilling tickets, as well as the best place to sell pvm drops that people don't buy (such as Elite Black items) for higher than alchemy value (40% of examine value vs 50% until double alchemy perk, at which point this yields more cash).

Arigon Point Farming[edit | edit source]

Arigon points are an extremely useful thing to have throughout the game - Overloads, Super Restore Flasks and Upgrade Scrolls are all locked behind these. You gain Arigon points passively while being online, but you can also farm them by completing minigames when they're on spotlight. Currently the best method to farm Arigon points is killing Bronze Animated Armour on the Warrior's Guild spotlight, which is also needed for an achievement, so this is an efficient use of your time if you want to farm points as an iron or main. This is particularly useful for irons, as 2 kills will get you a Super Restore (6) flask, and 10 will get you an Overload (6) flask.

Wilderness Task Board[edit | edit source]

Please note these activities take place in the wilderness so you will be attackable by other players, so do not bring any items you do not wish to risk.

Examples of the tasks found on the Wilderness Task Board

The Wilderness Task Board is located west of the home bank. It contains 9 tasks (3 PKing, 3 Skilling and 3 PvMing) which reset every 6 hours. The first to complete each task receives an amount of PK Tickets based on the difficulty of the task. Make sure to regularly check these for uncompleted tasks, and complete any you wish to do.