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Can I turn off left click pet pickup? I keep picking up my pet[edit | edit source]

Yes! Navigate to the "Follower Options" plugin in RuneLite and change the option under the 'Pet options' section.

How should I start out?[edit | edit source]

There are many ways to start in Arigon depending on what sort of content you'd like to be doing. But first, look through the Money Making Guide for tips to earn some starter cash. See Hotkeys for fast teleportation.

But if you want a tl;dr, I got you covered! Early game I'd recommend getting 25 eggs from chickens and sacrificing them at the shrine at ;;wcz - this works like Tears of Guthix, and gives XP in your lowest non combat skill.

Then I'd recommend doing Slayer or working on Prestiging skills to earn some cash.

Game Modes[edit | edit source]

Interface showing the Account Creation interface.

There's a game mode for everyone on Arigon, whether you prefer faster paced combat and skilling with no restrictions on your gameplay, or make it hurt and play on a slow to train Ultimate Ironman account with no banking. Whatever you like, we've got it! You can see all of our game modes here.

Donator Benefits[edit | edit source]

You can find a full list of our Donator benefits on this page. These range from things like more XP and an exclusive Donator Zone for helpful Quality of Life features such as ;;bank.

If you're wondering what to spend your Donation Credits on, I would recommend going with Achievement Points if you want to help with long-term account progression, or mystery boxes if you like the idea of potentially getting rare items and rapidly boosting the value of your bank.

Clans[edit | edit source]

Clans are an integral part of Arigon that a lot of people don't fully utilise. We have our own unique clan system involving tasks & buffs that you can use to make your grinds easier, ranging from extra XP, bonus drop rate, more clue scroll loot and more. To find out more, visit the Clan page here. I would recommend joining ;;cc Lorenso when you first join, or if you're feeling adventurous, start your own!

Achievements, Pets & Perks[edit | edit source]

Achievement Points (AP) are used to obtain Pet Perks (at ;;codex) which are some of the most game changing abilities in game and can seriously speed up your grinds. The primary ways of obtaining AP are the following:

  • Completing each tier of Achievements
  • Interface showing the pet perks.
    Daily/Weekly tasks located at the Task Board at home
  • Donation Credits
  • Loot keys/Supply crates
  • Sacrificing pets at the ;;petinsurance NPC

Getting AP is a major part of your account's progress and should not be overlooked when considering ways to make your account feel stronger!

You can see a full list of Pet Perks that you can purchase, as well as their cost and effects, here. All three combat styles are viable, but I would recommend getting Slayer Accelerant up to at least tier 3, then get -1 tick attack speed in the combat style of your choice.

Raids[edit | edit source]

Wondering where to get a Chaotic? Raids is the answer (Specifically Trials of Lagor!). Raids are the place to go when you reach mid-late game. All the raids in game drop some great loot that is unique to each raid. We currently have four raids in game - Arena of Avatars, Land of Goblins, Trials of Lagor & Vault of Bones.

Monster Tickets[edit | edit source]

Monster tickets are a currency obtained from killing non-raid enemies with over 2000 HP. Global masses & high level slayer are two great ways to earn a large amount - especially where end game bosses like Nex are concerned - some even give up to 15k per kill!

Interface showing some of the perks available at ;;mz.

There's a ton of different uses for Monster Tickets, but the main things you want to focus on are the Perks, the Charm Collector (Unless you're a $50 donator who has this for free!), charms & the Mini-Growler pet.

Drop rate charms will last an hour, and provide you a considerable drop rate bonus for that duration - up to 10% with the highest level!

The Charm Collector costs you 500k monster tickets, and it'll pick up all your charms for you that you get as drops and store them inside it - saving you valuable bank space too.

The Mini-Growler can be upgraded into a Shadow Growler, which has the unique perk 'Kratos', allowing you to be more accurat and do more damage inside the God Wars Dungeon - AND this applies to Nex and Blood Nex, meaning it'll help you out from mid all the way to end game.

Skill Scrolls[edit | edit source]

Skill scrolls are a fantastic way to earn some extra cash while grinding your skills, as well as a chance at the illusive Skiller's Backpack to make your life easier. We have a great section explaining Skill Scrolls & the reward system here.

Unique Resources[edit | edit source]

There are a few resources on Arigon which are unique to the server. These are Primal fragments, Burnt ore & bars, Burnt Logs, Red Sandstone, Cursed Magic logs and Dream logs.

Primal Ore is located in ;;sz at the mining section just north of the teleport. It requires 95 Mining to mine, and provides the best XP per ore in game. This can be turned into Primal Bars with 95 smithing, which are used as one of the materials to create Primal Armour at the Constructor at home. You can also sell them to the merchant or alch them for cash.

Burnt Ore is located along the side of the Mage Arena wall, just outside the Mage Bank lever area. This requires 92 Mining & partial completion of Corpse Cleaner to mine, and 92 Smithing to turn into Burnt Bars, which are used during the quest to create and

Burnt Logs come from Burnt Trees, located in the Wilderness Resource Area. You need 10k coins to enter and you can note items for extra cash. These need 95 Woodcutting to be cut, and at 95 Fletching you can turn them into Burnt Pages which can be used to charge the Tome of Fire (Obtained from Wicked Tree / ToL raids).

Red Sandstone is also in the Wilderness Resource Area - this can be mined with 81 Mining to obtain Red Sandstone which can be turned into Potion Flasks.

Red Sandstone & Burnt Bars need to be used on the Sacred Forge located West of Mage Bank.

Cursed Magic & Dream logs are level 82/90 (respectively) Woodcutting & Firemaking logs that provide an expansion to the regular route you'd expect to go down with Woodcutting. The Cursed Magic tree has a chance to poison you while you're cutting them, and the Dream log has a chance to send you to sleep! This doesn't come without benefits though - Dream logs will give you Prayer XP while cutting them, meaning you can train Prayer without having to grind bones or risk your account if you're a hardcore ironman, and both of them will provide a bunch of Firemaking XP for you!

You can use logs at the fire at ;;wcz and it will use your entire inventory at once, but will give you less XP/Log than the bonfires do.

Clue Scrolls[edit | edit source]

Clues are a really great way to make money and salvaging dust by hitting some of the rarer drops on the table. We have a full clue scroll guide here, which explains where to go for all of the clue steps we have in game.

First things first - You need to get a Clue storage box. Without it, you can't stack clues or reset steps that you don't want to do - so prioritise getting this ASAP if you're planning on running clues. It's 100 Arigon points and it's completely game changing.

Before opening any clue caskets, it's essential to make use of the Clan buff to get extra rolls from your Clues - this will let you roll 5 times every clue guaranteed, as opposed to the usual 3 to 5. It costs 20 Clan Points to activate, and lasts for 5 hours.

Interface showing some Clan modifiers.

There are a few methods to boost the rate at which you earn clue scrolls:

- There is a Pool of Prosperity buff which increases the rate of clue scroll drops by 50% - this costs 50m to activate.

- Once you've unlocked the Clue Hunter prestige perk, you can begin gaining clue scrolls from skilling, which tends to be the quickest way of getting bulk clue scrolls. It's recommend to do Mining or Thieving as both have a fast rate of gaining XP drops, meaning you get more clues from doing these in particular.

- You can also boost your clue drop rate by enabling the Clan buff for a 20% rate increase. This costs 20 Clan Points to activate, and lasts for 5 hours.

- The Discoverer pet perk allows you to have up to a 50% increased chance of finding clue & skill scrolls.

Spotlight System[edit | edit source]

Screenshot showing the Spotlight location.

The Spotlights are Server Events that rotate every two hours providing buffs to various things in game. At any given time, there are two skills on spotlight & two minigames on spotlight. When you're doing the skills, you'll receive a nice boost to the experience you gain in that skill.

When you're doing minigames on spotlight, you'll get Arigon points for your efforts, as well as a buffed number of rolls at Raids on spotlight, an additional guaranteed Barrows piece at Barrows, and other benefits you'll discover during your time. If you're wanting to do something and it comes up on spotlight, it's usually recomemnded to do it then for additional rewards!

Miscellaneous Questions[edit | edit source]

Can I improve my upgrade chance?[edit | edit source]

Yes! You can obtain scrolls from the Arigon point store, create them in the constructor, obtain them from loot keys or boxes and even donate for them. The Upgrader scroll & the God's Upgrader Scroll will increase the chance of your upgrades to 50% and 95% respectively, and you can even create a 75% scroll in the Upgrader too. You should always use one of these scrolls if you're worried about losing the items you're upgrading!

Additionally, you can get an Upgrader Insurance Scroll which will always save an item from your upgrade that isn't cash, upgrade tokens or dust. Be warned though, this isn't a 100% guarantee if you're using more than one item - items that require 2 or more will save an item at random if the upgrade fails!

What is prestiging?[edit | edit source]

Prestiging is the system we have in place to allow you to reset your skills when you reach 99 and receive benefits for doing so. We have a page that fully explains the prestige system, perks & rewards here.

Where are the shops?[edit | edit source]

You can get to the shops by typing ;;shops, and ;;mz has an additional shop exclusively for monster tickets.

Is there a quest guide?[edit | edit source]

Yes! We have a list of quest guides located here.

What are Loyalty Points?[edit | edit source]

Loyalty points are a currency you primarily earn just from being online. You can view the full store and information regarding the store here.