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WildyWyrm drops

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Wildywyrm boss is located in 40 wilderness and has multi-combat way zones surrounding the area. Along with smaller wildywyrms, You will have to be alert of PKers that will hunt you down for an easy kill. The boss is relatively difficult to fight alone, So bringing a friend is advised, Not only to help kill the boss, But to scare away any solo players looking to kill you. This boss drops the best food in the game, Being "Fury Sharks" so bringing a looting bag to pickup some of the drops while not taking up your inventory space is advised. You can also use the Fury Shark drops as replenishment on any food you might be using for the fight as it drops them cooked which makes it nice to stay for longer trips.

Recommended Gear[edit | edit source]

I would definitely recommend only doing this boss if you have a steel titan. Although it is definitely possible to do without one, The Wildywyrm has a lot of HP and the titan also will tank a lot of the damage for you to save your supplies. Also a "Sword of Turmoil" Would be the best weapon to use against the Wildywyrm. Being the best melee combat weapon to use in the wilderness, It will allow you to hit 70+ with the increased damage it provides. You can get the sword of turmoil from revenants as a rare drop and it uses ether as it's ammunition.

The Fight[edit | edit source]

The fight is surprisingly relatively straightforward given how hard the boss is to actually kill. You use soulsplit and turmoil and attack the boss. There is no mechanics or things to dodge, Just a straight out DPS fight. The boss will occasionally shoot a fireball at you that does heavy damage and it hits with its melee attack very consistently, So make sure you are potted and have soulsplit going to regain some of your health back. The boss also has a special attack that essentially calls for the other wildywyrms to attack you with their special abilities so watch out for unsuspected stacked damage from the wyrms around the area.

Fighting the Wildywyrm