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Vorkath, is a high level (732), instanced monster. The general fight for this is quite straight forward and is mirrored from the OSRS version. Thankfully, all of its attacks are magic or ranged, which makes it easier to handle this fight with a ranged set-up. However, melee is incredibly strong when using the Dragon hunter lance paired with Dragon Warhammer/Bandos Godsword to reduce its defences. But, this will mean you are also within melee range of Vorkath.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Vorkath has a variety of abilities, but are colour-coded, to make it easier to see which ability he is using. Keeping an eye out for each colour as they happen allows you to react appropriately to the ability.

"Basic" Abilities

Image Name Description
Blue Magic Attack (Basic Attack) This is Vorkath's basic attack, which deals magic damage and will be negated by praying Magic.
Normal Dragonfire Attack This deals Dragonfire damage, and therefore using an anti-fire shield such as Dragonfire Shield or Super Anti-fire Potions is greatly recommend to negate this.
Venom Dragonfire Attack This attack will envenom you, this is easily avoided by using Serpentine Helm. However, it is much simpler to use a super antipoison.
Pink Dragonfire Attack This ability is probably the most important to keep an eye out for, out of the above. This disables ALL your prayers, which can leave you open to dying VERY quickly. As soon as this ability hits, you must reenable your prayers, to avoid any unneeded damage.
Dangerous Dragonfire Attack This is different to the normal dragonfire attack, this will shoot in the air and land where you were last stood after about 2 seconds. You must move AT LEAST 2 tiles, to avoid this take, otherwise you will take massive damage.
Ranged Attack This is Vorkaths only ranged ability, it shouldn't hit you much/frequently, but be sure to keep your hp high enough so that it doesn't kill you outright.

Special Abilities

Image Name Description
Acid "Rain" Attack This ability shoots a rain of Acid, which leaves pools of acid on the floor, which heal Vorkath if you walk into them. Vorkath also shoots you with explosive fireballs, you can just run away from them. DO NOT double back as this will cause you to take damage. Unlike OSRS, you do not need to walk to avoid this.
Zombie Ice Attack This ability along with the Dangerous Dragonfire Attack, will be the likely causes of any deaths when killing Vorkath, if you are unfamiliar with the boss. This ability will freeze you in place, and summon a Zombified Spawn. You MUST kill this before it reaches you, otherwise you will take 600 damage. You can simply cast Crumble Undead, which should kill this outright. A suggestion would be to take a staff that has "Autocast" on so that you can bind this spell to the staff, and just equip the staff once frozen, and then attack the spawn.