Tormented Demon

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Darklight from Slayer shop
How to get there
Climb down the rope to enter the cavern
Tormented Demon shield is up
Melee hitting on protect from Melee from Darklight effect
Drop Table

Introduction[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Tormented Demons are in the Wilderness, And although the rope leading into the save shows 16 widlerness, Once in the cave you are in 30-35 wild. Although escaping from this area is VERY easy. Just leave the cave and you can instantly teleport away from anyone pursuing you.

Tormented Demons are high level monsters of the "Demon" race. They drop a variety of valuable items but are mostly known for their drop of "Dragon Claws" which are by far the most valuable and sought after reward from killing them. Tormented demons on Arigon are currently very easy to kill, Making them an excellent money maker to players wanting to try their luck at getting some good loot.

Recommended Gear[edit | edit source]

NOTE: This gear may change depending on future updates as this is not how you Normally kill them. If this changes, Please let me know or feel free to edit the wiki page yourself with what was changed.

Tormented demons currently involve VERY low requirements to kill if you even consider them requirements. All you need is a Darklight from the Slayer Shop, A reliable Melee weapon such as a whip, And some strength bonus (Optional).

The Fight[edit | edit source]

Tormented demons are immune to damage from the attack style they are praying against. Hit the Tormented Demon with the darklight to disable its shield then use a different style to what its protecting against, the shield will then come back up after 25-30 seconds, Re-equip darklight and repeat. You don't have to use the darklight special attack. Also protect from Melee to take no damage.