Skeletal Horror

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Skeleton Horror breaks into next phase
Player chasing the Skeletal Tail
Tail healing the Skeleton Horror

The Skeletal Horror is a boss monster you may receive when getting a boss task from a slayer master. It yields 106,000 experience per kill and is one of the simpler bosses to deal with.

Fighting the Skeletal Horror[edit | edit source]

  • Fighting the skeletal horror is very simple. All you need is a melee weapon, e.g. Whip or better, and basic defensive gear ( Full Rune, Dragon defender etc.) The rest of your inventory can be 3-4 Super Strength or Super Combat Potions and Prayer Potions / Super Restores.

Notation: This is if you have already unlocked Soul Split as he hits through prayers.

Enter the instanced area through the bone door, turn on soul split and melee him. Periodically throughout the fight he will "break" pieces of himself off and you will have to click on them as they run along the ground. Failing to click on the pieces will cause the Skeletal Horror to rapidly heal 20 hp.

  • When the skeleton horror breaks himself and a piece of him spawns on the floor.
  • Make sure to click on the broken piece that's running around so he doesn't heal.
  • If you see this blue hitmarker for "20", it means there's still a piece left that you missed healing him.