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An Example of your food and Pack Yak inventory
How to get to Lucien
Luciens Black Lightning
Luciens Demon Familiar

Lucien Is the hardest wilderness boss in-game currently. With a Combat level of 1,850, He can easily kill you if you aren't prepared for a long fight or don't know what you're doing. That being said once you've done a few fights against him you'll have the hang of it and be able to grab yourself some of the bis items in the game. Luciens Drops Include, The Nightmare Staff, All the Nightmare staff orbs, Ancient artifact Tier 16's, Siren's Tome, Voidwaker gem (To make the voidwaker) and The pet "Baby Lucie". So he has quite a few high tier drops you'll want to get your hands on.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Lucien is a Mage based boss, So you will be protecting from Magic the entire fight. If you are experienced at pray flicking to Soul Split it will greatly benefit you to save your supplies. Players in end game gear can expect 3-5 Kills per inventory when efficiently soulsplitting. This is one of the few bosses where having a Wilderness Weapon is almost a must have. The sword of turmoil inparticular will let you hit 900+ Damage while soul splitting your health back drastically reducing the amount of supplies you use.

Lucien has 2 "Rapid" attacks he does where he spams magic spells of different natures at you 5-6 times doing 100-200 damage per hit. He has an AoE black lightning attack that he summons around him which you can easily avoid by simply walking away for a few seconds, and he has a Demon summon that spawns periodically that you must kill before you can resume damaging Lucien. (See pictures on the side for examples)

Note: Lucien is a SINGLES boss, Which means you cannot use your familiars to assist you in the fight, BUT you CAN summon a Pack-Yak with supplies, Enter Luciens domain, and dismiss the pack yak to have extra supplies on the floor. These supplies DO despawn after an amount of time, But you can juggle them if you'd like or just let them despawn after you fill your inventory back up for your next kill