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A player fighting Kree'Arra
A player fighting Kree'arra's 3 body guards

Kree'arra is a large and powerful aviansie and is the leader of the Armadyl Army in the God Wars Dungeon.

Due to Kree'arra being a flying entity, he can not be attacked with Melee, therefor Range or Magic must be used to damage him.

Kree'arra is located in Armadyl's Eye inside the God Wars Dungeon, and is guarded by 3 generals; Flight Kilisa, Flockleader Geerin and Wingman Skree.

Body Guards[edit | edit source]

Flight Kilisa is one of Kree'arra's aviansie bodyguards, and attacks with Melee. It is a good idea to eliminate him first as his melee attacks are more accurate than the other bodyguards.

Flockleader Geerin is one of Kree'arra's aviansie bodyguards, and attacks with Range. It is very unlikely he will be much of a threat during your encounter, as you typically have good range defence when fighting Kree'arra.
Wingman Skree is one of Kree'arra's aviansie bodyguards, and attacks with Magic. It is typical to kill him after you finish off Flight Kilisa first.

Gear & Inventory Setups[edit | edit source]

Range is the most effective method for killing Kree'arra. It is best to maximize your Magic and Range defence, while maintaining sufficient DPS output.

You can substitute Karils for Black D'hide, Dragon crossbow for Rune Crossbow, Dragonfire Shield for a spirit shield or god book, and Ranging Amulet for a glory. Of course, if you have any upgrades, it is advised to bring them. Diamond Bolts (e) are effective in providing a good DPS output.

Inventory set up for Range only method

It is highly-reccomended to bring along a Staff/Wand as well as some Magic damage-boosting gear. This will allow you to Blood Barrage the body guards to recover additional health in-between boss kills.

Inventory setup for the Ranged & Magic method.

The Fight[edit | edit source]

When you enter the boss room, there are a few important things to remember:

~ It is best to stand in a corner if possible, to prevent Kree'Arra from stunning you as often

~ If you have good ranged defence, you can get by with protecting from Magic, if not, it is best to protect from Range.

~ Kree'arra is the only God Wars Dungeon boss that can use all 3 styles. Be sure not to be within Melee distance as this will result in heavy and rapid damage

Killing Kree'arra is relatively easy, just pray range and use your best offensive Range prayer (Such as Rigour or Eagle-eye) and be sure to maintain your health and prayer.

Once Kree'Arra is dead, the order for killing the minions goes as follows:

1. Flight Kilisa

2. Wingman Skree

3. Flockleader Geerin