Kalphite Queen

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A player fighting the Kalphite Queen

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Kalphite Queen is a staple boss found in the tunnels under the desert. It's a good boss for farming achievements along with Monster Tickets with minimal effort along with obtaining the Dragon Chainbody.

Recommended Gear[edit | edit source]

The Kalphite Queen is by far one of the easiest bosses to handle. You can kill it relatively efficiently with a very basic mage setup and better gear will just speed up your kills signifigantly.

The Fight[edit | edit source]

Freze the Kalphite queen and stand a few tiles away, Pray soulsplit and just autocast her with your desired spell. If you don't freeze her, she will walk into melee form and damage you a decent amount so it's advised to brings freezes as your initial spell. Also having a familiar will greatly increase kill speeds.

NOTE: This will most likely change in the future, So if you notice you are taking damage, Please let me know or edit the wiki yourself to alert players this has changed.