Commander Zilyana

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A player fighting Commander Zilyana
A player fighting the 3 generals
Inventory example for the range-only method

Commander Zilyana is the leader of the Saradomin Forces in the God Wars Dungeon.

She is located within the Saradomin Encampment inside the God Wars Dungeon, and is guarded by 3 generals; Starlight, Bree and Growler.

Generals[edit | edit source]

Starlight is one of Command Zilyana's bodyguards, and attacks with Melee. It is a good idea to immediately kill her after defeating Commander Zilyana, as she will damage you more than the other bodyguards.

Bree is one of Command Zilyana's bodyguards, and attacks with Range. Bree should be your second priority after Starlight. Bree also has a chance to drop the Saradomin Sword.
Growler is one of Command Zilyana's bodyguards, and attacks with Magic. Growler is no threat during the fight as you will be protecting from Magic.

Gear & Inventory Setups[edit | edit source]

Range is the most effective method for killing Commander Zilyana. It is best to maximize your Magic and Range defence, while maintaining sufficient DPS output.

Range-only example gear

Stamina/Energy potions are a must-have if you plan on killing her multiple times per trip. (See Kiting in Strategy)

You can substitute Karils for Black D'hide, Dragon crossbow for Rune Crossbow, Ranger boots for blessed d'hide boots or Snakeskin boots, and Ranging Amulet for a glory. Of course, if you have any upgrades, it is advised to bring them. Diamond Bolts (e) are effective in providing a good DPS output.

NOTE: If you have a Serpentine helmet, bring it along in your inventory, as this will help during a Solo.

The Fight[edit | edit source]

Displaying how to kite the boss around

Commander Zilyana has a very powerful and rapid Melee attack, and it is best to avoid this damage at all costs to ensure multiple kill trips.

Kiting is a ranging method of hugging the walls of the boss room, while constantly moving around to ensure you avoid melee damaging, this will help reduce the amount of overall damage you take. This is also why having Stamina/Energy potions are essential.

Here's what to do when you enter the room: Drink a dose of Stamina potion if you have it. If you have a Serpentine helmet, equip it and hit each general at least once. This will give you a chance to inflict them with poison, speeding up the trips. Protect from Magic and hit Commander Zilyana to get her moving towards you Begin to 'Kite' her around the room, hitting her as often as possible while maintaining a safe distance from her

When Commander Zilyana dies, kill the minions in this order

  1. Starlight
  2. Bree
  3. Growler