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Using Melee to fight Bork
Using Magic (Blood Barrage) to fight Bork

Bork's combat power is stronger than it shows (level 267). It is highly recommended to NOT face him without food or other means of restoration (even high level players). Players with level 80+ combat stats and gear can kill Bork easily.

Notation: Bork has extremely high ranged and melee defences and hits through protection prayers. Magic is highly recommended when fighting him.

Melee method[edit | edit source]

One possible plan of battle therefore is to use the Protect from Melee prayer to defend against Bork, and bring high-healing food such as sharks or rocktails. Piety or Turmoil is highly recommended. One with a high Defence level could bring high melee defence armour while praying Soul split.

Magic method[edit | edit source]

Probably the easiest way to kill Bork at level 80+ Magic is the use of a high level staff with extreme magic potions.

An easy, if expensive, technique is to use blood spells from the Ancient Magicks spellbook. You will not need any food if you use Soul split. You can kill Bork at level 56 magic with only Blood Rush. At level 68 magic the fight becomes incredibly easy as you can use Blood Burst to damage everything and keep yourself at full health. If you use this method you will only need the necessary runes and 2 full prayer potions.

Another cheap, yet effective way is the use of Fire Wave for players with a Magic level of 75+. Taking approximately 1,000 air runes and a lava battlestaff is enough. The tactic remains almost the same, pray Soul split and attack Bork. The only difference is that one will need food if using this tactic.