Abyssal Spider

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Abyssal Spider teleport

The Abyssal Spider is an Arachnid high-level boss residing deep in its cave. The boss can be accessed directly via the Teleport Interface (Ctrl+T) > selecting Bosses > Abyssal Spider. It has a total health pool of 12,000 health.

The Abyssal Spider is the only monster in Arigon that'll drop the Abyssal dagger and the Abyssal bludgeon. Apart from those 2 items, it will also drop the Abyssal whip at a slightly lower droprate compared to the dagger and bludgeon. Additionally, it has the chance of dropping the pet variant, the Abysmal spider at a base droprate of 1/557.

The boss room will be instanced meaning only you will be able to fight the boss.

Boss mechanics[edit | edit source]

A player fighting the Baby Abyssal spiders.
A player fighting the Baby Abyssal spiders.

The fight against the Abyssal Spider is fairly simple, although it does have a small mechanic that the player will have to be cautious of.

Once in combat, the Abyssal Spider will use magic- and ranged style attacks and it is therefore recommended to bring gear with defensive bonuses in these attributes. Additionally, it will poison the player and antipoison potions are highly recommended as the poison will consistently deal upwards to 200 damage.

Throughout the fight, the boss will use its webs to sling itself up to safety making it untargetable and in turn spawn several Baby Abyssal spiders - these spiders will appear from within the ground scattered around the player and will always deal 15 melee damage unless protected against via protection prayer. The boss will spawn these a total of three times (Per 1/4 of its' total health) throughout the entire fight. Every time the baby spiders are spawned, the quantity of baby spiders will increase by a small number.

Baby Abyssal spiders[edit | edit source]

The player will have to be cautious of the baby spiders as they will decrease the player's Prayer levels per hit dealt - Even if the player is hit for a zero. The baby spiders have a total of 130 health and can therefore easily be one-shot. The easiest way to kill the baby spiders is by bringing multi-combat magic attacks although this is not necessary granted that the player has brought enough prayer restore potions.

Gear Setups[edit | edit source]

Fighting the boss[edit | edit source]

Example of inventory setup.
An example of an inventory setup (melee only setup).

The fastest way to kill the Abyssal Spider is via melee - The boss does not boast any significant defensive bonuses. It is weakest to the Stab attack-style. Defense reducing special attacks such as the Bandos godsword or a Dragon warhammer can be brought to speed up the kills. The instance is a multizone which means that you can bring a Steel titan to further decrease the time it takes to kill the boss. If the player is in possession of strong gear such as the Goldrift Void melee set with a strong weapon such as the Chaotic rapier, they may defeat the boss by using the Soul split and Turmoil prayers.

Note: Players may bring multi-combat magic attacks such as Ice Barrage to quickly get rid of the Baby Abyssal spiders although this is not critically necessary - Especially if the player has the "Fast Hands" perk unlocked and active, as the perk will make quick work of the baby spiders.